We all know how overwhelming it can be making selections when you are working on a kitchen or bathroom remodel.  We have designers on staff that can guide you through this sometimes daunting process.  We offer complimentary design services when you partner with us.
La Pietra Marble & Granite ravenna

Elegant and timeless works of art. Mesmerizing mosaics inspired by nature, culture, and your lifestyle.

La Pietra Marble & Granite lunada

Lunada Bay Tile creates handcrafted glass, ceramic and concrete tiles with an emphasis on simplicity, texture and color.

La Pietra Marble & Granite thinstone 1

Explore our 100% all natural locally sourced stone, ready to make any design simply stunning.

Why La Pietra?

State of the art fabrication facility

100% digital shop with state of the art technology. We have invested a tremendous amount of resources in order to ensure that we deliver accurate measurements, flawless cuts and a superior final product that is unmatched by the competition.

Trained seasoned professional

Our staff is well trained and ready to provide you with the highest level of customer service and guidance throughout the process.

Direct importer & Largest variety

We import our stones directly from the quarry. We select the highest grade natural materials from all around the world and have over 500 slabs in stock.

La Pietra Marble & Granite show4
La Pietra Marble & Granite show3